Flamenco Scales

In flamenco we have various rhythms and styles called “Palos”. There are more that fifty different palos in flamenco! Most of them are not commonly played by young guitarists and singers. The scales we use in Flamenco are  either in the  mayor key (Alegrias, Guajira, Garrotin, Bulerias por fiesta and many other palos) or in the Phrygian mode (Soleares, Siguirya, Rondena and more).
There are three main scales we use when playing in the Phrygian mode (por arrival or por media).
1. Phrygian mode that is the 3rd mode of the C major scale:
2. Phrygian dominant scale that is the the scale built on the 5th note of  A harmonic minor  scale. Also known as Altered Phrygian scale or Phrygian Major scale where you raise the 3rd note of the Phrygian scale from minor to major:
Sometimes we combine the two scales by playing both the G and the G sharp note.
3. Double harmonic minor scale also known as Arabic scale, Gypsy minor scale or Byzantine scale
In modern flamenco we also play the following scales over the F chord before resolving to E:
-F melodic minor
-F whole/half tone scale
-F Lydian Dominant

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