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A flamenco guitarist with a unique yet instantly recognizable sound moving flamenco into a new exciting era. He combines gypsy traditions with ethnic rhythms fusing musical influences from around the world from Asia to Latin America. Since returning from Seville in 1997, Ramon has established himself as UK’s leading flamenco guitar player, versatile, creative and distinctive. Based in London, he has performed worldwide and at many of the UK’s most prestigious venues and events such as the Royal Albert Hall, Royal Variety Show, Ronnie Scott’s, BBC Radio. He has recorded two CDs and currently performs worldwide. For further information click here




Ramon Ruiz Ensemble, Jazz Café 13th December 2022

The flamenco rhythms of Ramon Ruiz resonated through the wooden boards of the stage of the Jazz Café on Saturday, bringing the venue to life in a powerful explosion of movement, music and passion. The seductive sounds of the guitar echoed around the hall in a dialogue with the haunting rhythms of the cajón and a pulsating cascade of sound which carried the packed audience to the heart of Andalusia.

Drawing from deep inside his soul with the lament “el grito”, the singer Juan de Juana imparted a message of joy and anguish, in a threnody from the soul. On the song “zapateado”, the exquisite dancing adorned the melodies with a visceral sensuality and pride which added another visual dimension and intensity to the already electrifying experience.

This mesmerising concoction of music, voice and dance combined to seduce the audience on a rollercoaster journey of heartfelt passion.

Leading the ensemble on guitar with his incomparable technical prowess, Ramon Ruiz transforms feelings into melodies and joy and sadness into musical beauty; he is without doubt the leading Flamenco guitarist in the country. You can experience this outpouring of moods and emotions when listening to his latest stunning album “Calle Lunga”, a flamenco collaboration influenced by Middle-Eastern and Asian musical genres.

On the song “Solea”, guest singer and sitar player Mehboob Nadeem, blended in seamlessly with the flamenco sounds, adding to the rich concoction. His Indian musical heritage imbues the show with an Asian sound embodying the roots of flamenco, which originates in the gypsy migration from Rajasthan.

Going hand in hand with the music is the powerful and dynamic dance element, an integral part of the show which adds another visual perspective to the sound. The footwork and intensity of expression on the “Bulerias” add the light and shade which are a typical feature of the flamenco form.

Ruiz feeds off the aesthetic beauty of the dance by creating melodies and rhythms which ignite the spirit of the dancers and gives the audience a sense of the storm of power and fiery rhythms which are about to be unleashed.

On “Granada”, the seductive choreography created by dancers Anita la Maltesa, Rebeca Ortega and Lourdes Fernandez, weaves its sinuous shapes with their bodies, arms and dresses. Their differing styles complement each other, blending organically with perfect pirouettes and synchronised footwork.

This show is a force of duende evoked by the wonderful display of artistry from each and every musician and dancer, a show which is not to be missed wherever you can catch it!


Review by KS Lewkowicz Composer and Lyricist

KS Lewkowicz
Composer and Lyricists

21st August 2021, BBC Radio 3 Ramon Ruiz talks about his new album “Calle Lunga” and performs music from his album.

16 January 2020: With three standout albums under his belt and a new album out in February 2020, Ramon Ruiz is establishing himself as a leader of the scene and a master curator. In the radio interview his romantic nature was captured in the soulful sounds of La Peza, Ballada and Yunani played from the new album “Calle Lunga”.You may well be intoxicated by his unique mixing of classical, Middle Eastern, jazz and thematic music grounded with flamenco rhythms!

Julie Silverton writer and publisher of the book “Flamenco Forever”

“Outstanding technique and most inspiring.”

– The Big Picture, BBC1 TV


23rd March, 2024, Wivenhow


24th March, 2024, Croydon, London


16th June, 2024, London
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