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Flamenco Guitar.

Do you have bad habits?

Do you feel that you are not progressing and that you are waisting time learning without a proper guidance?

Do you struggle with picado and thumb techniques?

Do you want to become a top flamenco guitarist?

Then I can possibly help.

I have a BA in Music Education, LTCL Diploma in classical guitar, grade 5 in Music Theory and is a registered flamenco guitar teacher at the London College of Music. I studied the "Art of Practicing" by Madeline Brusher and has put it into practice on himself and students alike obtaining outstanding results. My repertoire of old and contemporary flamenco guitarist ranges fron Vicente Amigo and Paco De Lucia to Sabicas and Ramon Montoya.

I will share all his knowledge with you helping you become a accomplished flamenco guitarist regardless of your age. As long as you have ambition, time to practice and you are ready to take on board constructive advice, I will set up your playing for life helping you develop fully your technique and repetoire.

I gives regular individual guitar tuition to beginners, intermediate and advance student. Classes can be recorded with audio or video devices and music is transcribed in Tablature or Notation.

Lessons start with a meticolous observation and analysis of the student's guitar technique ranging from body posture to hand position, relaxation, concentration, breathing and exercises. Furthermore, the student will be given a full method to develop guitar technique and repertoire.

Lessons will cover an analysis of different palos flamencos including solea, bulerias, tangos, farruca, guajira, seguyrilla and will cover the following flamenco techniques:

-Mixolydian or Phrygian Dominant scale
-altered scales
-flamenco dissonances
-chord progressions and modulations

London classes are held in Acton W3. The fee for one hour of private tuition is £30. Contact Ramon for further details.