Next Performance

Sunday 13th Feb 2022 ,George IV, London

Anita La Maltesa, whose sensual voice and spectacular footwork evoke the true spirit of traditional flamenco inspired by Ramon Ruiz’s inspirational guitar playing. Introducing another night of flamenco with guests artists: Felibe de Algeciras, Sebastian Ruiz and Jasmine Villalobos

Ricco Lounge, Kensington

Join us for another spellbinding evening of flamenco at Ricco Lounge, Guest Artist Neomi Luz and Singer Monica Garcia.

Sunday 15th May 2022 All Saints Centre, Lewes

Ana Leon, star dancer and singer from Spain will be presenting her new show. On the guitar Ramon Ruiz, Ant on percussion and Jasmin Villalobos singing.

Tuesday 7th June 2022  Salisbury

Ramon Ruiz will be presenting the full ensemble of musicians and dancers, details yet to be confirmed.