How to Practise

1. Better to play the guitar half an hour every day, than not practise for a week and then play for three hours consecutively.

2. Practise with focus and  concentration. You will progress a lot faster than if you were to use the same time playing without any specific goals or direction.

3. Manage your time efficiently.  If you pick up your guitar without knowing what to play you will probably end playing a few licks you already know and enjoy playing. However, it is more beneficial to focus on the parts you struggle with.

4. Decide how much time you have for your practise session. Then divide that time into specific blocks of time for each technique you want to cover.

5. Stay seated for short periods of time. Then have a small break. This makes learning more manageable and less intimidating.

Recommended practise session:

25 Minutes of Picado exercises played slowly alternating soft and loud pulse

5 Minutes of picado played fast

5 Minutes of Rasgueo played slowly

5 Minute of Thumb exercises played slowly

The rest of your practising time must be spent revising music, composing and recording.

Remember to focus on every movement of your  fingers, hands, arms, shoulder and back. Increasing your awareness noticing the sensory experience of touch and sound saturate your body and mind. After a few months you will notice clear improvements in your neuromuscular hand coordination, you will discover a new confidence and clarity in your playing!

The art of practicing is a discipline that cultivates the heightened awareness in every movement of our practicing, letting the sensation of sound, touch and movement saturate the body and mind from moment to moment”.

Madeline Bruser

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